Codebase.Energy.Core (CBE) is a subscriber, meter, and billing management solution designed and developed for utilities, especially electricity distribution and retail businesses.

The development of CBE started with approval and funding from the Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) through the “R&D Support Program for SMEs” in 2012, and the first version has been released for customer use in 2013. Various modules of this version have been extensively used by several utilities.

In 2015 CBE has been re-designed and re-released to comply with the “unbundling” regulation of EPDK (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) which stated electricity distribution and retail companies of the region become separate entities both legally and technically in terms of operational data, applications, and IT systems. CBE is the first platform in the local market which met this technical requirement.

CBE is constantly enhanced and maintained for optimal performance, new requirements and to comply with the latest regulations.

In a nutshell, CBE is a web-based enterprise application. It is designed in a multi-tier approach that the user interface, business, integration, and data layers are all separated from each. This multi-tier architecture allows CBE to be deployed on a scalable and reliable load balancing infrastructure.

CBE is built on our very own enterprise-class software development framework which is based on many modern software development technologies and approaches such as .NET, MVC, and Entity Framework. CBE framework allows new features, enhancements, and bug-fixing to be delivered in shorter development and test cycles.

Core Features
CBE is designed in modules that focus on different business areas in electricity distribution and retail companies with hundreds of features and functionalities. The following is a summary of the major modules of CBE.
  • Customer Relations & Subscriptions
  • Metering
  • Accounting
  • Billing/Invoicing
  • Operations
  • Legal
  • Notifications
  • Reports

Major Integrations
CBE has a module named Codebase.Energy.Integration is essentially based on a custom developed ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) architecture to handle the current and future external systems integration tasks.

CBE currently supports the following major external system integration endpoints for data exchange and transactions;
  • Financial Institutions (Banks, payment offices, and PTT): Automatic invoice payment orders and security deposit refund.
  • NVİ (KPS/AKS): Turkish Identification Number and official address queries.
  • E-Devlet: Services integration to cover certain electricity subscription-related processes to hosted on the central E-Government web site.
  • EPİAŞ: Various services integrations with the Turkish Energy Exchange (EPİAŞ).
  • SCADA: Energy disruptions data integration to be used in the calculation of the subscriber’s indemnity requests.
  • DASK: Mandatory House insurance policy for earthquake queries.
  • Virtual POS: On-line subscription fees and invoice payments with a credit card.
  • IVR: Various services integrations with third-party automated call-center telephony systems.
  • Call-center: Various CRM related services integrations with third-party call-center applications.
  • Legal Software: Various services integrations with third-party legal enforcement proceedings management software.
  • Hand-held Terminal Devices: Services integrations for third-party meter reading and billing software running on hand-held devices.