Codebase.Energy.Mobile (CBE) platform has native support for the third-party hand-held terminal device-specific electricity meter reading device platforms via the Hand-Held Terminal Device integration services. With this support, common functionalities such as on-site electricity meter reading and billing can be performed.

CBE.Mobile takes this functionality a few steps further and provides support for all sorts of field operations identified with work orders in a device-independent fashion.

CBE.Mobile is a complete mobile platform solution consists of server and mobile device software modules. CBE.Mobile mobile app runs on any inexpensive android based mobile device such as smartphones and can communicate with peripheral devices such as mobile thermal printers and optical port meter reading devices via Bluetooth. With CBE.Mobile data collection becomes more accurate which results in accurate bills and satisfied customers. CBE.Mobile mobile app communicates with its server module which is connected to the enterprise ERP system of the electricity distribution company over the private mobile APN via secure web services.

CBE.Mobile natively supports CBE platform but can be modified to be integrated with any ERP system as long as the ERP system provides TCP/IP based web services exposed for metering, billing, and other field operation transactions.

CBE.Mobile mobile app currently runs on Android OS but the framework is designed to support both Android and IOS devices. Currently, inexpensive Android-based mobile devices are more preferred in the electricity distribution field operations.

CBE.Mobile app offers many enhanced features by leveraging mobile device’s GPS and the camera such as processing geographical location data, calculating optimum routes, confirmation and verifying location and the address of the actual meter to prevent fake meter readings, user authentication and taking snapshots or videos of the field situations (i.e. broken meter, electricity theft, etc).

Core Features
  • Meter Reading: Energy consumption data can be collected with the optical port meter reading device via Bluetooth. Consumption data can also be observed visually and entered manually.
  • Energy Cut-off/Power-on: Process official electricity cut-off or power-on work orders coming from the electricity distribution or retail company.
  • Meter installation/de-installation: Process new meter installation, de-installation, or meter replacement operations work orders coming from the electricity distribution company.
  • Installation Inspection: Process new installation inspections and confirmation work orders.
  • Main Installations: Process work orders related to main building installations (Kofre).
  • Electricity Theft: Process work orders generated either automatically or based on reports of theft. Inspections can be reported to the ERP system via photos, videos, and receipts, and/or bills can be printed on-site.
  • Street Lighting: Process work orders related to public lighting inspection and maintenance operations.